The Fall Show is a production of Garfield Thespians, and is entirely student-led, including casting, directing, actors, and crew.

Past Shows

Miss-Firecracker-Cast-promoFall 2015: The Miss Firecracker Contest


Fall 2014: Anatomy of Gray17824884973_31ae643c55_z


written by Jim Leonard
directed by Senior Emma Franklin

When her father passes away, 15-year-old June Muldoon writes a letter to the powers that be asking for a healer to come to her town of Gray, Indiana. Her request is answered in the form of Galen P Gray, a doctor unlike anyone the town has seen before. Doctor Gray seems to be healing anything and everything that ails the townspeople, until they start developing strange marks on their bodies that not even the Doctor can find the cause of. While dealing with love, loss, and sickness, Anatomy of Gray tells the story of an unexpected arrival changing the town of Gray, and the life of June, forever.

Colin Bronsdon and Paddy Affolter. Photo by Zac Blachon

Colin Bronsdon and Paddy Affolter. Photo by Zac Blachon

Fall 2013: Brighton Beach Memoirs

written by Neil Simon
directed by Senior Anika Grevstad
Brighton Beach Memoirs, a Neil Simon play, follows the coming of age of a fifteen-year-old boy in the late 1930s and the challenges his family faces at the tail end of the Depression and the early rumblings of World War II. Despite the family’s struggles, their story remains poignant, funny, and ultimately uplifting.

Cast & Crew

Eugene – Paddy Affolter
Blanche – Liz Miller
Kate – Skye French
Laurie – Amy Bogaard
Nora – Kat Keller
Stanley – Colin Bronsdon
Jack – Griffen MacCorkle
Tech – Tanner Kamila
Lighting – Michael Chinn


November 2012

Garfield Drama Club Production of


a modern play directed by Senior Melissa Carter
written by David Lindsey-Abaire

A woman with amnesia wakes up not knowing who she is. A menacing man whisks her away into a crazy, funhouse plot with a bizarre cast of characters: a strange thug with a puppet, a grandma who had a stroke, a troubled teen, a lady cop, and a concerned husband. Their storiestwist and turn together as the woman searches to rediscover her past.

Cast & Crew


Claire ………………   Anika Grevstad
Richard Fiffle…………  Nick Saether
Kenny………………    Paddy Affolter
Limping Man………   Jeffery de Haro
Gertie…………………    Skye French
Millet………………… Joey McManus
Heidi………………  Anastasia Rubio

Costumer – Hanah Ditty
Lighting – Michael Chinn
Tech – Tanner Kamila & Henry JohnsonStage Manager – Emma Franklin